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Outstanding Service Quality in Every Movement

EICHLER is a leader in the repair of automation technology components. Ensuring and improving the quality of service has top priority.

To ensure that each of the more than 18,000 repairs or used equipment sold annually creates the maximum benefit for the customer, it is necessary to implement a quality management system at the highest level that meets national and international standards. Important is the careful use of available resources.

EICHLER combines different approaches and certifications in an integrated management system (IMS). These include the following:

  • Quality management according to ISO 9001:2015
  • Environmental management according to ISO 14001:2015
  • Nuclear Safety Committee 1401

In this way, concepts such as "repair quality" or "sustainability" are deeply rooted in the corporate culture and become part of the daily actions of the employees.

Quality management according to ISO 9001:2015

Certified workflow guarantees  a consistently high quality of service when testing and repairing your component.

Nuclear Safety Committee 1401

As one of the first service providers, EICHLER is authorised to repair and sell automation and control technology in the nuclear sector.

Environmental management according to ISO 14001:2015

Standardized procedures for cleaning, repair and, if necessary, the disposal of components ensure a sustainable, environmentally sound use of resources.

Integrated Management System (IMS) - EICHLER GmbH

Our claim

We want to become the most reputable service company in our industry.

Our focus

Our customers are always the focus of our activities.


Our standards

We are committed to abiding by all principal legal rules and applicable national and international standards.

Our way of working

Business processes are carried out in a target and quality orientated manner with clear-defined responsibilities.

Our development

Business processes and results are continuously assessed and optimized.

Our employees

Our employees are the company's capital. The combination of experience, innovative strength and trust is the basis for our success.

ISO 9001:2015

Our quality philosophy focuses on the effective management of the service quality as expected of us by our customers. This does not only mean that contractual obligations must be met, but also includes meeting current expectations and needs of our customers.

Our integrated management system IMS aims at the fostering and development of customer and quality orientated conduct and behavior. At the same time we are able to identify areas relevant to environment and security and integrate them into our organizational processes.

Regular staff training, comprehensive internal documentation and information management, as well as quality-based selection of suppliers and partners, all ensure our high level of quality.

The ISO 9001 certification was first issued in July 2011 and confirmed in July 2017.


ISO 14001:2015

Environmental protection is a central theme in all areas of our company. We use natural resources sparingly and abide by all relevant laws and legal requirements. Our environmental management is based on environmental policy and ensures that environmental sustainability of our processes is continuously improved and optimized.

Our company leadership monitors compliance with our environmental management, including assessment of the relevant environmental data.

The ISO 14001:2004 certification was first issued in July 2011 and confirmed in July 2017.


Kerntechnischer Ausschuss 1401

Im September hat EICHLER die Eignungsbestätigung zur Qualitätssicherung gemäß Regel KTA 1401 durch die VGB-Arbeitsgemeinschaft "Auftragnehmerbeurteilung" erhalten. Als einer der ersten Dienstleister ist EICHLER in der Lage, Komponenten der Automatisierungs- und Steuerungstechnik im kerntechnischen Bereich zu reparieren sowie zu vertreiben.

Die Zertifizierung nach KTA 1401 wird für die Leistungserbringung im kerntechnischen Bereich benötigt. Bei der Auditierung werden sämtliche system- und produktspezifische Qualitätssicherungsprozesse einer strengen Kontrolle durch die VGB unterzogen, um sicherzustellen, dass die auftragnehmenden Unternehmen den besonderen Anforderungen im kerntechnischen Bereich genügen. Dazu zählen neben einer durchgängigen, ausführlichen Dokumentation auch ein Qualitätsmanagementsystem sowie herausragende Prüf- und Diagnosefähigkeiten und ein kontinuierlicher Wissenstransfer zwischen Auftragnehmer und Auftraggeber.

OHRIS - Occupational Health and Risk Management System

The aim of OHRIS is to enable organisations to be operated in such a way that the protection of the health of employees and the protection of residents in the vicinity of potentially hazardous plant are viewed as a business goal that is of equal importance alongside and in harmony with the goals of quality-oriented and profit-oriented business performance, and that this goal is consistently implemented in all functions and at all levels.

The Certification demonstrates that the health and safety of our employees has priority in our company.

The OHRIS System (driven by the Bavarian Ministry of Labour) is equivalent to the international OHSAS 18001 Standard.

The EICHLER GmbH belongs to a group of 350 Companies in Bavaria which are certified by OHRIS.





Your service specialist for automation technology

Play it safe by leaving the repair of your automation technology to our specialists. Avoid any risk when it comes to ensure the integrity of your production.

EICHLER uses unique scanning technology that is able to detect any kind of error. Our unique test system is working across manufacturers and devices.

Our engineers are checking all functions of the component in a variety of highly automated test cycles. In addition, vibration and temperature tests can be run to simulate real operating conditions. After the test, you get a detailed report with all results for your documentation!

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