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EICHLER analyses the components of mobile automation equipment of your production facilities

Components of mobile automation equipment are the core of each industrial facility. Securing the long term availability hereby is the main job for both maintenance and the executive.

There are many different factors influencing the life-cycle of every production facility some with negative effects on the functionability of the equipment in question. Especially the discontinuation of components through the individual manufacturers is one of the main reasons for the problems to face.

For this every operator and maintainer of industrial automation should always be aware of the current situation on availability and current state of all relevant existing equipment. The analysis of these systems through EICHLER is the perfect tool in order to provide the necessary means.

Our experts will monitor all your components in question and will make an assessment drawn from a number of relevant factors existing either from running Obsolescencemanagement or current market situation. You will receive all necessary details in a complete overview. You will then be able to take qualified measures in order to provide long term availability of your current production facilities.


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3 steps to secure long term availability

There are basically only three steps necessary to get a clear overview on the current state of electronic components built in your production facilities. The experts at EICHLER will accompany you from the beginning to the end starting with the list of relevant contents up to developing a matching strategy.

Detailled analysis on the relevant components

Apart from the current state of your equipment the availability within the market and the actual costs for these components all other pending details shown in the analysis give you vital information in order for you to make the correct decisions.

Proactive strategies

With the help of the analysis of your mobile automation equipment you will get  thorough information on the current state of your facility. You will be able to identify possibly obsolete components. Together we will take proactive strategic measures in view of managing obsolescence.

Download the sheet for the analysis of current mobile automation

To make the list of components as easy as possible for you, you can download and use the following free of charge excel sheet.

Download the sheet for the analysis

The main problem of existing production facilities: Running period of production line vs lifecycle

Operators, maintenance crew and the heads of production know the problem: every production site is built for a certain space of time. During this cycle there is no substantial renewal possible apart from basic maintenance work proceedures. In real life the life cycle of production facilities often have to survive planned spaces of time and are kept in line further on.

During the decisions in view of such prolongations the possibility of retaining and repairing individual components are often not accounted for. You as the staff responsible are asked to keep the "system alive" as long as possible. To analyse the relevant electric components here ist the first step to ensure a safer onward use of the production line in question.

5 good reasons for analysing components of ones mobile automation equipment

1. Identify possible risk inherent components

Get to know which relevant parts of your production facility is abt to fall out due to obsolecent parts and which possible repairs could be made. Over and above you will also receive a full report on the market situation for each component in question.
You will immediately get vital information on the current state whether parts are still partially optainable in the market or if the modul is completey obsolete.

2. Reduce times of stand still

Be able to act quickly in case of a break-down of your machinery in that you can fall back to qualifies stock of relevant spare parts. EICHLER offeres the possibility of managing stock-levels for spare parts in this field. To minimize possible stand still you can choose from a large variety of express and courier services.

3. Cut down on costs for repair and maintenance

We offer complete transparency in view of costs on repair and maintenance for parts in question. You can then easily compare costs on repair with possible budgets having to be built up in order to buy refurbished or new components. You then are able to reach decisions in view of the current market situation.

4. Make qualified decisions

Is it worth having damaged modules repaired or would a migration towards latest technology be the best answer? The analysis of your mobile automation equipment supplies you with the best possible information to decide or develop strategies in view of maintaining current production facilities.

5. Strategically increase long term availability

Repeat the analysis in regular spaces of time. Review your possible decisions, assess the situation once again later on and constantly optimize your strategy in providing long-term availability for all relevant parts of your installations.

3 steps for a long-term availability of a safe running production facility

  • List all relevant components of your installation

    The basis for a sound analysis is a thorough list of components built in your production facility. A simple list such as an excel sheet is feasible enough. The costs of having such an analysis made depends on the number of different components having to be assessed. Make use of our free of charge excel file and send it to

  • Analysing the components

    After having sent us the necessary information the experts at EICHLER will begin analysing each listed individual component according to its product status, availability, prices etc. The relevant information on specific data is done as per dailly assessment. We then form a summary and are able to provide you with the results either in a digital or printed version or both.

  • You now are able to see the point

    With the help of the results provided you have a clear view of all built in components of your production facility or the pending stock situation. This analysis gives you the necessary information in order for your to come to the right conclusions all to do with the matters of long term availability, obsolescence management or migrating in view of mobile automation equipment.

Download the sheet for the analysis of current mobile automation

To make the list of components as easy as possible for you, you can download and use the following free of charge excel sheet.

Download the sheet for the analysis

Details on the analysis of mobile automation equipment

Date of discontinuation

From this time onwards you will no longer receive spareparts, repairs or technical support provided by the manufacturer in question. No problem! EICHLER will take on these tasks and will help closing the cycle of service by ensuring the facilities functionability with all necessary repairservices.

Possible repairs

You will have a clear answer towards the question whether EICHLER is able to provide repairs or to offer a replacement of the relevant module.

Average duration of repair

This information provides you with the indication of about how long the possible repair will take after having confirmed the estimation of costs. This is quoted in work-days.

Prices of having the module refreshed on a regular basis

This lump-sum refers to costs of preventative maintenance (refresh) and will be shown as separate detail within the quote for repair. Regularly refreshing helps to ensure the functionability of the module in question.

Latest list-price quoted by the manufacturer

This position gives you the latest known list-price the actual manufacturer quoted. Especially looking at discontinued ranges of modules this can be a helpful guide by having to decide between repair or purchase.

Current availability in the market

This shows you the current availability of relevant components. It gives you an important indication by reviewing discontinued items. Constantly monitoring the market situation our experts then assess prices and availabilities of relevant modules and their sale and offer situation in the market.

Method of testing

This gives you the information as to whether we can proceed full testing cababilities for items on this list possibly not being in the range of key-items.

Recommended refresh cycles

Shows you the ideal refresh cycles in order to constantly check on wear parts and parts becoming obsolete - also applying to modules on stock.

Average price on repair

Showing to the costs on repair on an average basis. This figure is based on looking at repairs done earlier on and is calculated for each component indivudually.

Current market price

Here you can see the current price with in the relevant market in case you wish to purchase this module as a spare part. It is always calculated dailly and can vary depending on the current situation in the market.

Brochure referring to analysis of mobile automation equipment

Here is a complete overview referring to analysis of mobile automation equipment beginning with naming the component up to the final assessment.

Get to know how to achieve long term availability and a secure production facility.

Listing current level of components

Analysis of all relevant components

Transfer of all information necessary - know you are able to see the point


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