13.-15.03.2018 - s7 anlagenhandling und fehlersuche, pürgen - WISAG

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Learning Aims

Experienced trainers impart expert SIMATIC® S7 knowledge to the participants in numerous theoretical and practical units.

Learning aims that you achieve...

Prior Knowledge Required

For maximum learning results and to successfully complete the seminar, participants should have some previous knowledge. Check yourself with our overview.

Knowledge that you bring along...

Event Location

Find out about the event location, plan your trip with an interactive map. In addition, we support you with hotel recommendations.

About the event location...

Requirements and Knowledge that You bring along...

Experience with the Programming Device

You have experience with programming devices and basic knowledge of Step7.

Functionality of a PLC

You know the basic function of programmable logic controllers (CPU, inputs and outputs).


Basic Knowledge of Binary Numbers and Log. Operations

You have basic knowledge of the functionality of logical operations and in binary code.

Knowledge of AND-, OR-Connections

You know the structure and function of AND and OR links.

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SIMATIC® S7 System Handling and Troubleshooting - Learning Objectives You Achieve...

Virtual plant - simulation of hardware and software errors

The participants train their skills within a virtual S5 system, analyse fault patterns, take measures to eliminate faults in hardware and software and carry out the recommissioning.

Recommissioning of the system after a malfunction

Participants are taught how to react in the event of a malfunction. You will learn the necessary steps for recommissioning and perform them on a virtual test system.

Troubleshooting with the Programming Device

Correct handling of the programming device is one of the key topics. Participants learn the correct program settings and how messages are analyzed.

Evaluation of CPU Error Messages

The output of CPU messages is an important tool in the event of a fault. Participants learn the necessary procedures.

Application of the Integrated Error OBs and Diagnostic Buffers

Working with integrated special functions as well as error OBs and the diagnostic buffer facilitates analysis.

Performing Data Backups from CPU to Programming Device

With the help of the programming device, participants learn the necessary procedures in virtual test systems to carry out data backups or program transfers independently.

Working with SIMATIC Manager

Use of the SIMATIC Manager for hardware configuration of required modules.

Profibus Communication - Basics of Network Technology

Bus technology has established itself with the S5 systems of the 1990s. The participants get an overview of the system communication possibilities and get to know the programming of an operator panel.

Information about the Event Location

Here you will find the most important information about the event location. Navigate within the map and calculate your individual route. If you have any questions, please contact us: +49 8196 9000-311 or seminare@eichler-service.de

Overview Map

Arrival & Parking

EICHLER Training Centre

Unteres Feld 19
86932 Pürgen


If you have a satellite navigation system (GPS), enter "Unteres Feld 19, 86932 Pürgen" as your destination and follow the route description. The training centre is located in the immediate vicinity of the EICHLER Electronics Service Centre. A sufficient number of free parking spaces are available.

Room Contingent

A room contingent at special rates is reserved for the participants. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry or registration.

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