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Your efficient Partner for the repair and distribution of PLC Boards and Control Units

For over 30 years now EICHLER stands for the leading Service provider for current and discontinued PLC Components covering most known manufacturers. The repair On Board  will ensure a longer Life Cycle of Industrial Facilities and will reduce costs in view of having to migrate to newer systems. Apart from this EICHLER also can help by offering Sale, Distribution or procurement of used or brand new components together with Stock and Lice Cycle Management capabilities.

PLC Boards and Control Units - our range of services

Get to know our range of service in view of repair and distribution on PLC  Boards and Control Units

  • Service on a large variety of different manufacturers
  • On Board Repair
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Unique Testing Devices
  • Emergency Repair
  • Your own person of contact

Customer Comments

„…we would like to express our appreciation towards an absolutely top level Customer Service. Having been able to repair our Relanko-Modulator you helped to solve a very severe problem. For this we thank you very much once again. Due to the competence shown you have gained another steady customer. “

ppa. Niels Kollmorgen, AMC Pancke AG

PLC Boards and Control Units

CPU and Central Control Boards

Central control units  (CCU) are the centerpiece of automated systems. CCUs are highly complex. Well-grounded competence and experience are of utmost importance to restore these units. WISAG owns and operates multiple vapour phase soldering devices and soldering robots, enabling us to repair and exchange even ball grid arrays.

Analogue and digital I/O Units

Analogue and digital I/O boards can either be repaired or exchanged by WISAG instantly. Every board is tested before being sent back to our clients.

Function Modules

Function modules record data of positioning, scale and distance measurements. These units usually have non-standardised designs, thus requiring tailor-made and rigorous test routines to check for proper operation after each repair.

Communication Units

These kind of PLC components ensure the intra-plant exchange of data. Careful testing of all interfaces is essential.

Digital I/O Units

All digital I/O boards are repaired or exchanged at EICHLER with the best routine and as fast as possible. Every board is fully tested before it leaves our works.

Power Units and Power Supplies

Power units are subject to permanent working load. Wear parts will be replaced where required. All units are tested under operating conditions and at full capacity before being sent back to our clients. A complete test report will be provided upon request.

Quality management according to ISO 9001:2015

Certified workflow guarantees  a consistently high quality of service when testing and repairing your component.

Nuclear Safety Committee 1401

As one of the first service providers, EICHLER is authorised to repair and sell automation and control technology in the nuclear sector.

Environmental management according to ISO 14001:2015

Standardized procedures for cleaning, repair and, if necessary, the disposal of components ensure a sustainable, environmentally sound use of resources.

We offer you a large selection of current and discontinued components

Following you will find the complete list of componentens, we can provide you in this section. For further details simply click on the article code or use our Intelligent Search Option. Should you nevertheless not be able to trace the part you are looking for – our experts will gladly help you: 0800 931 3131.

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Artikelnummer Artikelkurzbeschreibung Fachbereich Artikelgruppe Hersteller
6AV1908-0AP00 Baugruppen Verbindungssysteme / Leitungen SIEMENS
6DS1916-8AA Baugruppen Funktionsbaugruppen SIEMENS
6DS2410-0XX00-2XX0 Baugruppen Racks / Baugruppenträger SIEMENS
6DS8201-8MB Baugruppen Verbindungssysteme / Leitungen SIEMENS
6DS8208-8KC Baugruppen Verbindungssysteme / Leitungen SIEMENS
6DS8210-8CC Baugruppen Verbindungssysteme / Leitungen SIEMENS
6DS8210-8EC Baugruppen Verbindungssysteme / Leitungen SIEMENS
6DS8210-8HC Baugruppen Verbindungssysteme / Leitungen SIEMENS
6DS8210-8KC Baugruppen Verbindungssysteme / Leitungen SIEMENS
6DS8210-8MB Baugruppen Verbindungssysteme / Leitungen SIEMENS
6DS8210-8SC Baugruppen Verbindungssysteme / Leitungen SIEMENS
6DS8211-8AD Baugruppen Verbindungssysteme / Leitungen SIEMENS
6DS8211-8EC Baugruppen Verbindungssysteme / Leitungen SIEMENS
6DS8211-8ED Baugruppen Verbindungssysteme / Leitungen SIEMENS
6DS8211-8MB Baugruppen Verbindungssysteme / Leitungen SIEMENS
6DS8211-8SC Baugruppen Verbindungssysteme / Leitungen SIEMENS
6DS8212-8CC Baugruppen Verbindungssysteme / Leitungen SIEMENS
6DS8212-8EC Baugruppen Verbindungssysteme / Leitungen SIEMENS
6DS8212-8HC Baugruppen Verbindungssysteme / Leitungen SIEMENS
6DS8212-8KC Baugruppen Verbindungssysteme / Leitungen SIEMENS

We service the repair for a very large scale on different manufacturers of mobile automation equipment

WISAG has gained unique knowledge and experience in repair and distribution of PLC components, HMI operation units and drives and driving automation modules. We repair and distribute mobile automation equipment such as HMI operating systems, PLC Modules and controlling units together with components on driving automation and motors of nearly any manufacturer.

  • Repairs and spare parts for current or discontinued components
  • On-board repairs  according to the actual damage
  • Tailor-made testing equipment precisely identifies even the most uncommon failures
  • Testing procedures simulate operating conditions, guaranteeing operational readiness
  • 24 months warranty for the repair serviced

See for yourself what we can do for you. Simply download and complete the delivery note.

Download delivery note

Unique Testing Devices for PLC Boards and Control Units

Our testing equipment for PLC Boards and Control Units is exceptional. Thorough checking of the incoming modules with the help of  fully automated Test Stands enable us to detect even very sporadic problems with no apparent cause applying to PLC Boards and Control Units. Final tests on function and the use of trial runs under full capacity ensure the function of repaired und used PLC Components

  • More than 30 years of experience in designing and building testing equipment
  • Our testing equipment is built for a large variety of different manufacturers for PLC Boards and Control Units
  • The automated testing of certain parameters ensure the actual function.
  • 12 months warranty for the repair serviced of the items purchased

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